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Declan Muir

Sales Associate

Declan is a dynamic individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences. With a background in real estate spanning two years, he's gained valuable insights into the industry and developed a passion for it.

Alongside his real estate ventures, Declan is quite the multifaceted individual! His blend of real estate expertise and entrepreneurial spirit in the sneaker business paints a picture of someone who's not afraid to venture into different fields.

Despite his professional pursuits, Declan prioritizes his family above all else, displaying a strong sense of family connection. This family orientation likely serves as a source of inspiration and motivation in both his personal and professional endeavors. An avid traveler, Declan enjoys exploring new places and cultures, broadening his horizons and enriching his life experiences. His love for travel likely fuels his adventurous spirit and provides him with fresh perspectives that he can apply to his various endeavors.