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Khristan Rimando

Sales Administrator

Tan is a former trainer with a vast experience in the virtual working space. His first job as an English teacher provided him with a deep appreciation of the power of good and honest communication, especially in a working environment. He prides himself on his great attention to detail, efficient decision making, and his ability to foster a healthy working relationship with his teammates.

By day, Tan navigates the structured world of white-collar work, but by night, he transforms into a freelance musician, allowing his artistic spirit to soar. Despite the stark contrast between his daytime profession and night time passion, Tan finds harmony in balancing both worlds.

Outside of work, Tan is a family man. He has a deep connection with the outdoors and is always active. He likes to run a minimum of 10 kilometres before his shift starts everyday and often goes hiking around local trails or rock climbing in the Cordilleran crags with his wife and son on the weekends.