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Raiza Valera

Media Team Administrator

Raiza first saw herself as an architect after finishing her drafting subject during high school. That was the turning point of how she decided to take up BS Architecture for college at Far Eastern University. Her dad was also her inspiration as her dad is an undergrad of Civil Engineering. She wants to help in the family construction business hence, the course she took up in college.

There were times that life was a bit harsh on her, but she never gave up though. She believes that when the world is giving her lemons, she’ll make lemonades out of them. She’ll do anything to achieve her goals and will continue to learn even after reaching each goal. She stays positive and calm at all situations that comes her way.

Aside from loving arts, Raiza also loves to go on an adventure; road trips, hiking, cliff-diving, and snorkeling. Once in a while she also travels outside the country to experience and learn different cultures.