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Rebecca Canayon

Sales Administration

Rebecca has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. Her first work was under a media company which gives her more overview of the real world. Working at Ray White is her first time working in the real estate industry. She loves a challenge because it forces her to go out of her comfort zone. She puts herself in different circumstances to know where her strengths and weaknesses fall.

Rebecca sees real estate as an industry rich with different personalities exemplifying the qualities of an excellent employee. These personalities range from a veteran team player, a young professional, and a dedicated employee. Rebecca likes learning about someone’s mistakes and accomplishments. She appreciates people’s experiences and how they win their fights. She wants to gain more experience in the sales world so she can be ready when she plans to put up her own business someday.

Rebecca is detail-oriented and has a competitive personality. She’s a fearless woman who knows how to acknowledge crisis and stress, and as well as how to find the solutions needed for certain situations.

On a bad day, what keeps Rebecca going is being able to go on a hike and reconnect with nature. This allows her to realign her thoughts and get away from everything. She loves living in the moment and lives by the “You only live once” motto. She lives with her family and they love cats.