Sell with Confidence
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Buying Tips

Investing in real estate is often one of the most important and expensive purchases many people will make in their lives.

How do you go about selecting the right property for you? You could follow these questions as a guide.

  • How much work is required? Are there any major renovations needed?
  • What sort of property do you want to live in? Does an apartment, unit or house suit your needs and lifestyle?
  • Where do you want to live based on family and work?

Location is extremely important, especially when it comes times to sell in the future. Ultimately your sale price will be determined by the appeal and overall location of your property.

Before going out into the marketplace to find your dream property, the following checklist may be useful in getting you in a position to confidently bid or make offers on your property of choice.

  • Do you have your loan approved?
  • Will you enjoy living in the area?
  • Is the house structurally sound?
  • Have you weighed up future capital growth?
  • Have you researched the type of title?
  • Do all renovations/extensions have required Council permits?
  • Has the property got adequate insulation for the type of climate?
  • Are there going to be any major developments in the area?
  • If renovations are needed, do you fully understand the costs involved?
  • Does the property and its features suit your intended needs?
  • Do you have adequate access to all facilities in the area?
  • Have you weighed up traffic in and around the area?
  • Is the property suitable for pets and children?
  • Is under the house dry?
  • Have you taken into account how much maintenance is required on an ongoing basis?