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Sales Inquiries

  1. How to Apply for an Appraisal?

You can request an appraisal on our website via this link – OR you can call, text or email any of our agents at any time!

  1. What is the complete process of selling my property?

Our agents are here to make the process of selling your property as easy as possible. We first need to connect you with one of our agents who can contact you to discuss the process and steps forward

  1. What marketing methods do you use to sell my property?

Each property is different and a marketing package will be tailored to your property in order to achieve the premium result. This is both digital (website portals, social media, etc) and lineage form of advertising still works well too! (newspaper ads, editorials, letter box drops, magazines etc)

  1. What should I repair or renovate in my home for it to sell higher?

This is something to discuss with your sales agent when mapping out your tailored campaign to achieve the best possible price

  1. Why should I sell my property now?

The market is at an all time high at the moment and we are seeing record prices accompanied by historical low interest rates it does not get much better than what it does right now. If you are thinking of selling, now would be the best time to achieve your maximum price

  1. What is the agent’s role at an open house?

The agents role at an open home is to meet the potential buyers at the house to show them through. If the buyer has an ongoing interest in the home, the agent will contact them to discuss potentially a second viewing or to submit an offer.

  1. Why should I be out during an open house?

Potential buyers can sometimes feel awkward if the owner is home during the time of the inspection and it can be difficult for them to give open and honest feedback about the home as they don’t want to hurt the owners feelings.

  1. Why is it important that I declutter my home?

Decluttering the home is extremely important before an inspection so the property is presented in the best possible way. People want to visualize themselves living their or others living there and sometimes with too many things can make that vision difficult.

  1. What is an exclusive authority?

An exclusive authority means that you are exclusively listed with the agency of choice (once the authority is signed) for the allocated amount to days on the form. You cannot sell through another agency when you are in an exclusive authority.

  1. How long should it take to sell my house?

Each property and area is different – this is why it is important to ensure you are choosing the best marketing for your property. This will be discussed in the listing presentation with your chosen agent.

  1. What is an open listing?

An open listing or a “general” authority means that you can have multiple agents working on your listing at the one time, the first to sell is entitled to their commission. This is something that not many agents will do as it can become messy having too many people involved in the process and also confusing for the buyer market place

  1. Can I sell my property while it is currently leased?

Yes absolutely you can – however there are some legislative requirements in this situation. This can be discussed with your agent in your initial meeting.

  1. What is a Sales Authority Agreement?

A sales authority enables the agent to legally sell your property. The property cannot be sold without this legal document. (this is the same question as number 9)

  1. What does ‘overcapitalized’ mean?

The term over capitalization means to improve a property beyond its resale value, in other words it means that you spend too much money on the renovations of your property and are not able to recoup this money if you decide to sell it

  1. When is the best time to sell my property?

If you are ready to sell your property, get in contact with one of our agents today!  Generally the right time to sell is when you are ready to make the decision, only you will know financially and emotionally when this is feasible and remember you can only sell it once!

  1. What is the cost of selling a house?

Each property is different and price will depend on location, services  and marketing required etc. If you would like an estimate, please get in contact with one of our agents today.

  1. How much commission do real estate agents get?

The commission fee will vary depending on the property price and location

  1. How do I know I can trust my real estate agent?

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with your sales agent. We believe in open and honest conversations and will always pass on feedback from potential buyers (good, bad or otherwise). You want an agent who works for you, that works around the clock in order to obtain the best result from the buyer market place

  1. What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

Declutter as much as you can. Ensure the property is clean and tidy. Take any personal items down that you would not want included in media. Some people entertain the idea of property styling (for vacant homes) however there are some marketing tools that can be implemented to be effective in the process. Your agent will be able to give you their suggestions and recommendations upon inspecting the property

  1. What should I disclose to potential buyers?

Your agent will communicate with the buyer on your behalf. It is important to let your agent do their job which is to negotiate and work with buyers on your behalf

  1. How do you determine how much my home is worth?

We compare the property with similar properties that have sold in the area and use our professional insight and knowledge to determine what price the property may achieve in the current market. Remember that your agent is not a value, and that the market will ultimately determine the final price